Instructor provides opportunities for students to ask questions


  • One of THE MOST helpful things that I learn in the CI’s Online Teaching Preparation Program is the use of an ASK AND ANSWER FORUM in my blended course. What a great idea! This is a general area within our blackboard environment for students to ask all course related questions –technical, content-related, or clarifications—during the semester. Not having to reply to the same questions all the time has saved me a lot of time.

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   By the end of the Fall Semester of 2015, there were a total of 145 posts (a class of 25 students).

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  • At the beginning of the semester, most students contact me directly by email with their course related questions. However, I reply to them with a request that they post their questions in our Ask and Answer Forum. Before long, they get used to the idea of using this forum for additional class information. Participation in this forum is included in our final grade and, moreover, students have to write in Spanish which is another written language activity.