Provide the following instructor information: contact, availability, brief biography, picture and video.  


  • First impressions are the most lasting! Students not only have the chance to begin familiarizing with our CI Learn page, course components, tools and resources before our first class meeting, I also try to create a welcoming and reassuring message for them in my 3 minute introductory video. I try to connect more personally with them by telling them a little about my background and my dedication for the teaching of Spanish. Additionally, for those students who might feel intimidated by the idea of taking a “blended course,” I also emphasize that the main technical requirement for the class is simply to have regular access to a computer with internet connection during the semester. Something that I learned in Michelle’s How to Humanize your Online Class course is the importance of creating effective introductory videos to begin establishing instructor presence since the first day of classes.

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  • I provide students with more information about me in a written biographical note found in the course navigation menu under “Sobre mí” (About me)


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  • I have also included instructor´s contact and availability information in the syllabus and in the course navigation menu under ¨Horas de oficina.”

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