Provide clear and detailed instructions for students to begin accessing all course components.

In my redesigned course, I have included the Five Essential Elements for CI Learn:





A few days before the beginning of the semester, I send an email to students in which I ask them to complete the following four items included in the START HERE page in the order they appear before the first day of classes:


I. Read the course syllabus (in English)

II. Watch the 3-minute instructor’s introductory video (in Spanish)

III. Complete the Student Information Form (in English)

IV. Participate in our first VoiceThread discussion (in Spanish)


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  • My syllabus includes a welcome message and information about course content and the grade distribution for all activities, assignments and exams.

Click HERE to view my online syllabus.

  • The course content outline is found under a separate area called: “Calendario” in our navigation menu:

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Click HERE to view the course calendar as a google doc: